on-the-road-Prodigal Son- Heart in Formation - Totally Unsatisfied with God- How My Sons Tantrum revealed Heavens Painful Secret

Totally Unsatisfied with God – How my Son’s Tantrum revealed Heaven’s Painful Secret

Today my son was cranky. Going out for breakfast with four children– three 4 years and under-isn’t easy or fast and my eldest was annoyed. “It’s too druk” he protested (Dutch for busy/hectic), and I tried to soothe and encourage him. I shared about family from the perspective of The Incredibles (many God-lessons come from Kids movies, like Frozen), noting that when they fought side-by-side they were strongest. But my son didn’t want to hear, much less see me.The incredibles-movie-families can work best together.jpg

I suggested he walk ahead so it was like I wasn’t there, but he started to cry: ‘You are always there!” 

The world got quiet and slow and in an instant I had a heaven-flash…

Is this what I said to you, God? Is this why we can’t “see” You? Did I not want anything to do with You and, didn’t trust You had my best interest at heart, and, from eternity, was totally fed up with “Your Presence”??  Ouch.

One of the saddest glimpses into God’s Heart comes from this paragraph from Paul of Tsarsus: Continue reading

Ignite Heaven Ignite Your Heart - heart in formation- homeless man and dog

Igniting Heaven on Earth: Sound the War Cry in Your Heart

A picture with caption “true friendship” and heart dog emojis came on my twitter feed. Many replies read “awwww,” but my heart broke when I saw it…
homeless man and dog

Did people chose to overlook the life status of this pair? Maybe it wasn’t popular to burst the love bubble with, “But they’re homeless!” Whatever it was, only one reply said: ‘I wish I knew where he was so I could help.’ Continue reading

blind can see-mud in eye-Jesus

Sometimes We Need Mud in Our Eyes to See Straight [#LoveHateCountdown]

Why did Jesus heal blindness two different ways? One man was healed with a word, the other with spit and dirt. It was a mess, it didn’t make sense, but after a rinse a man born blind could see. The religious elite didn’t like it. They held an inquiry, interrogating and frightening the parents. They asked the man: “what did he do to you?” but weren’t satisfied with the answer. They insulted him to the core and then excommunicated him.

But like all freaks, weirdos, outcasts and misfits, Jesus seeks us out…

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Soccer Referee Displaying a Red Card --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Did You Make God an Idol? 5 Signs and Tips to Quit

It’s possible to get so wrapped up in God, the Bible, your ‘quiet time,’ that you miss His Heart and religion creeps in. God becomes a mere idol and the effects can be devastating, especially if you’re in a family.

I know (of) too many people who are, or are planning divorce because their partner was getting in the way of their “ministry” (aka service to/for God). #SayWhat?!  If you or someone you know ever thought, “I could do so much more for God, go further, faster.. if they didn’t hold me back…” , or if you were willing to serve God at any and all costs, look out, this post is for you.

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god-still-small-voice-kol-dmamah-dakah-quote-not in fire wind or earthquake

3 Examples of God’s Gentleness to Help Break Our God Hate

Some people associate God with Might and limitless Power. One Pastor said, ‘we don’t need a God of Love, we need a God to be feared!’ #SayWhat?

But God’s Gentleness is easy to miss if you only experience angry voices hating with a bible in the hand. You catch this in some politics, at some funerals, and even in some churches. The world can easily question God’s Heart, and rightly so.

But glimpse these 3 examples of God’s Gentleness and repair the breach… Continue reading

zeroten_scn2- Envelope red seal the End

Open Letter to Anyone who ever Viewed, Considered, or Had Sexual Relations with Kids [#Hope, #BreakFree]

You may be a fellow parent at school. Maybe you go to church every Sunday, or are a pastor. Maybe a doctor, teacher, neighbor, police officer, businessman, bus driver, politician, janitor. You may be a friend or family member, male or female, greying or in your prime, any race, religion or political party affiliation…

I’m not here to curse or condemn you. This is an honest letter from Heaven’s Heart to yours. I hope you listen.

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Pregnant -Cleaning-Nesting -Baby Preparation _Nesting Made Me Nuts-Prepping for Baby Points to Heavens Heart_Heart in Formation

Nesting Made Me Nuts – How Prepping for Baby points to Heaven’s Heart

You can prepare a room, prepare baby clothes, and try to prepare yourself, but nothing can prepare you for the wild “nesting” phenomenon that rises in you. I got hit bad, worse than most women I spoke to. And just to be clear, I was never a housekeeping guru–simple tidy, not spotless, was my m.o.– but almost overnight I had an itch to scrub and organize everything. And not just the “baby room,” the whole house.

Beauty and Perfection became the new standard and I was on a mission, without realizing, to make the best “nest” possible.

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