What’s Hiding Under America’s Rug and Can It Be Cleaned?

I started this post in Nov. 2016 before the first #MuslimBan was introduced. I didn’t think it was good enough to post, so let it gather dust. Then #Charlottseville happened, and now #DACA (deporting children and young adults who grew up in– and contribute to– America, simply because they were not born in America).

The call to protect | our people | our borders | our way of life | were fierce already before the election, but look at the U.S. now…

sweeping-it-under-the-rug - People are Suffering

This election has amplified aspects of America (and the world) that are not new, but have been hidden from mainstream media’s eye. But festering wounds can never be healed with bandaids. All things must come to Light, and Love is mobilizing globally in response.

Womens March - Love Mobilising - 22 Jan 2017

This global protest was about so much more than just “women”…

“Love is what Justice looks like in public” – Cornel West

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Social Justice or Sodomy? The Real Reason Sodom Burned

When did two people getting married become a bad thing?
When did people committing to a life of love and faithfulness become something to mobilize against– by people professing a doctrine founded on unconditional love (wow, twilight zone).

There’s much judgement and hate directed towards those with a homosexual or bisexual lifestyle. Those identifying as transgender have even been called out of Armed Service, cruelly (e.g. via twitter), and without genuine cause, despite each of these people writing blank cheques to Uncle Sam payable up and unto their very lives.

Secretary of Defense Matthis urging Soldiers across all Branches to “Hold the Line” as America gets it’s act together…

Christians should be extra sensitive to others persecuted, like the whole LGBTQA community (and I just have to say, transgender youth suffer a disproportionate amount of bullying and all spinoffs, e.g. depression, substance abuse, suicide, also homelessness–and murder counts are breaking me).

Do we only love our neighbor if they fit a certain package?  Can we truly accept people as they are, without a hidden agenda?

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50 First Dates with God: Love, Faithfulness and Our Forgetful Nature

Remember “50 First Dates,” where Henry (Adam Sandler) meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore) who suffers from a rare form of amnesia that wipes her memory every night? It’s a funny love story that shows how a devoted heart will go to all lengths, including self-sacrifice, to prove itself.

Henry and Lucy-50 First Dates

As I was watched, I considered my own relationship with God– every day looking for *Him in every thing, hoping for an encounter in word, song, moment with the kids, flash from nature, fill in the blank, when my heart flutters and I catch a glimpse.

But sometimes it’s like *He’s not there.  (yeah, I said it).

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“I Just Wanna See the Light” – San Holo and The Hope of Heaven

If you read my #GodSingsBieber post, you know it’s possible to hear and meet God in places other than “Christian” songs and circles. And now that my own personal religious lid has been lifted, I’m freed up to hear *Him everywhere.

(*I use He/His as pronouns for God, but fully recognize God with male and female ‘identity’ -for lack of a better word- as evidenced through the bible and most blatantly through humanity. If you want to contemplate this, check my Transgender God posts.)

On morning while rocking in the car on a family trip, my son requested San Holo’s, “Light.”  We knew the artist from a passionate track called “Victory,” so I was eager to hear my son’s recommendation. I found it on #SoundCloud and filled the car with a catchy melody and tender lyrics that rang like a longing in my heart– “I just wanna see, I just want to see the Light…”

I guess I’m not the only one who want’s to see the Light..

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God like Lightning & The Path of Least Resistance [Freedom/Love Colliding]

Why doesn’t Lightning come down straight? It’s ferocious and 5x hotter than the sun, so shouldn’t it just charge down, literally? I never gave lightning much thought untill I heard a Capital Kings track, Forever. One lyric line, “I feel Your Lightning in my veins,” spoke to something deep in my heart and I was inspired to put lightning on my phone wallpaper. As I admired it, I realized how much lightening looks like our veins…

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#GodSingsBieber? Hearing God on the Radio & Touching Heaven on the Airwaves

How can music banish a bad mood and transport us to a place where problems, cares, fear, sometimes even pain (and certainly time) don’t exist? For a moment there’s just that beat, or lyric line, or bass, or …plug in your own thing– it’s magic.  I’ll be feeling down but if a song comes on that rocks, something changes–and even babies know the feeling:

Melodies can spark our spirits, balm our hearts, mirror something of our soul, and sometimes floor us. Who needs Ecstasy when some tracks are flat-out orgasmic?

And Music also heals Socially…

Just think: when we rock to the same jam, things like Race, Gender, ‘Status,’ etc., disappear. Love takes shape in a sea of people grooving. Unity, peace, joy, no fear, no shame, No Problem.

Are these Holy Moments?

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When Hate is Acceptable and Love becomes Laughable– Do We Know God? [Biblical Danger Zone]

Remember Claude Frollo? That gypsy (foreigner)-hating, child-manipulating and emotionally-abusing, lust-possessed, uber-religious Judge from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame? That man prayed. A Lot. Remember him pouring out his heart in the dark song “hell fire–desire”? (Yes, not all kids movies are for kids).

How many Frollo’s, to varying degrees, do you know? How many have we caught glimpse of since the US election?

Going to church doesnt make you a christian like being in a garage makes you a car

If this election has done anything for us, it’s certainly put a magnifying glass on the blinding hate that can reside in hearts of those who wear crosses or call themselves Christian.

Maybe that’s why Jesus Himself is getting a new name (Revelation 3:12), and why he was the angriest in a Church, NOT some city square (Matthew 21:12).

Before the US election, I heard many Christian-identifying Americans say: “this is a difficult decision.”

Difficult?  Do we know God?

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