If God was a Bear: A “Brave” Rebellion and Love’s Heart

Disney’s Brave touched my heart like Frozen, but more deeply. In Frozen we glimpse our divine identity and sacrificial love, but Brave touches on the reality of our love-hate relationship with God. (Warning, spoiler alert.) Continue reading

A Rebel Christian Manifesto…or, Apology

This is an extra personal post and it’s been hard to share. The danger of revealing something in your heart is it becomes open for ridicule. But it can also spark hope in someone–do people know how loved they are!?–  So I write knowing some Christians will dispute, just like I dispute the Nashville Statement – please don’t think that speaks for me, other humans or people identifying as “Christian”, or even God *Himself–as it purports to, because

religion can ice our compassion and common sense, resulting in misinformed and cruel statements, actions or policies from those calling themselves Christians. But bible verses have always been used against fellow man, woman, child, even the environment.

Even the devil quoted scriptures.


(*I use He and His as simple pronouns for God but fully recognize God with male and female “identity” -for lack of a better word- as demonstrated throughout the bible and blatantly through humanity. Related post here.)

So for those not wanting anything to do with God or “Christians” because of those calling themselves “Christian,” and to stand (or, ahem, #takeaknee) with rebel Christians who’ve been persecuted and pushed out of churches for thinking, doing, or flat-out being something “different.”

And for every child, woman, or man that heard your voice doesn’t matter because of your age, skin color, gender, marital or parental status, anything external…  –and for every creature and all nature that was abused under the notion that those made “in the image of God” are superior, this is for You too.


Dear Children, little brothers and little sisters, You are the Mightiest Warriors of all.
Your heart, ideas, dreams and very life matter, not because of anything you do, but simply because: You Are. We are humbled by you. You’ve gone through fire because of the grave failings of our own adult hearts (Proverbs 17:3), and our grief is bottomless. (What are these tears God wipes in heaven if there are no more tears there? Maybe the ones we cry when we see just how much you’ve endured on our behalf…)

child heart - adult heart - as we grow let our compassion grow too
All heaven will bow before you. Thank you for your willingness to exist in this time with us.

Dear Women, Sisters, “Equal but with separate/different roles” was a lie spoken over you like “separate but equal” was spoken over those with darker skin color before you. You ARE equal to your brothers and your value rests not in your (in)ability to birth or raise children, to cook or clean… Your “role” was never meant to be defined by society, culture, the church, or anyone. God has always challenged our perception and understanding of identity and contrary to popular belief/practice, your giftings and talents were never supposed to be checked at the door when you came to a church service.

Children Stars in Sunshine _be humble be nobleGod is the Great Equalizer. God doesn’t look at humans the way humans do. While we are concerned with the outside and appearances, God is focused on the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7)
Dear Men, Brothers, You were never allowed to be vulnerable. Society boxed you into  “macho,” master molds and your sensitivity was never celebrated, much less encouraged. But we need your full expression now more than ever! You’ve been shut down and shut up, and for those who suffered unspeakable crimes, including at the hands of the women that should’ve been the closest, we as a society haven’t believed you nor given space for you to speak. How can our data ever be right? Let this end now.

men dont cry - dont worry you will learn to do this on the inside-Cut

Dear Creatures and Planet Earth, the breath, love, care, wonder, adventure and special teacher of God, we’ve acted superior rather than humble like our mutual Maker. Worst of all we still have not mastered sharing, so despite your abundance half of all humanity lives in severe lack. We’ve destroyed eachother in your presence and there’s more blood and tears in the ground than can be fathomed.

To those in the LGBTQA+ community, you are Loved and Belong. Unconditionally. No hidden agenda. Many of us fell in the religious trap and lost Love. You’ve been persecuted and oppressed and when rights were shared with you, some Christians were outraged. Natural disasters were blamed on you, funerals were protested, and some churches became places for petitions. And if the lovelessness, aka non-Christianness wasn’t clear enough, there are people who would rather see a child alone or orphaned rather than in a home with two loving moms or loving dads. Please forgive us for losing our minds/ hearts/humanity!

To the poor, homeless, hungry, oppressed— how many times did we look away, or try to appease rather than change the system? And to every prisoner I say: You are Not Forgotten. You are Not a Failure. And you NEVER deserved to lose your right to vote!

prison profit hand on bars barcode


To everyone everywhere, regardless of race, skin color, country of origin, language, belief, crime, Whatever:  You are my flesh and blood.


Finally, to those who suffered sexual abuse–and I call this out expressly because so many victims have been children and have not been believed because they were children, and so many still suffer today–many of us didn’t know, others didn’t want to acknowledge, and all of it was wrong. May we never forget God is a Lion and that children are worthy of the Highest protection and care. We must get informed and be bold to act on these deepest dark issues.

And to those involved in the abuse, please know there is still hope and love for you. There is no pit where God’s Love does not reach deeper still.

To every corrupt system, perverse court, to every gap in protection in every institution where children are present: Your Time is Up…

truth is like a lion- let it lose and it will defend itself- st augustine-quote

We Declare:

Children, we will see you and stand up for you. We will honor and esteem you as highest, worthy of protection and love–just as one enjoys and insures jewels, how much more care and precaution should be taken with you!

Women, Men, People, please don’t fit into some “role” but rather be whoever God made you to be! None of us is greater than the other, we are all designed to live and breathe in love, humility, care and fun together!

Creatures and Nature, we acknowledge and thank you for being a source of wonder, fun and wisdom, not just sustenance. And as much as we live, so do you, and we will do our best to be more aware of your presence (Acts 17:28), and keep you safe too.


I cannot cover everything and do not know everything, but I believe Everything and Everyone is loved. We are swimming in it as surely as we swim through air molecules we can’t see. Because of the rainbows after a storm, I keep hope that God will one day right every wrong, set every captive free, and bring all sorrows to dancing, and everything awesome, Forever.

Whoever thinks Heaven is going to be boring never experienced a NYC subway after the 9-5, or heard #GodSingsBieber… And whoever learned Heaven and God was about rules and religion, don’t believe it: We were born to be Free!

Does any of this resonate with you? Leave a comment, or sign on to the manifesto.

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Social Justice or Sodomy? The Real Reason Sodom Burned

When did two people getting married become a bad thing?
When did people committing to a life of love and faithfulness become something to mobilize against– by people professing a doctrine founded on unconditional love (wow, twilight zone).

There’s much judgement and hate directed towards those with a homosexual or bisexual lifestyle. Those identifying as transgender have even been called out of Armed Service, cruelly (e.g. via twitter), and without genuine cause, despite each of these people writing blank cheques to Uncle Sam payable up and unto their very lives.

Secretary of Defense Matthis urging Soldiers across all Branches to “Hold the Line” as America gets it’s act together…

Christians should be extra sensitive to others persecuted, like the whole LGBTQA community (and I just have to say, transgender youth suffer a disproportionate amount of bullying and all spinoffs, e.g. depression, substance abuse, suicide, also homelessness–and murder counts are breaking me).

Do we only love our neighbor if they fit a certain package?  Can we truly accept people as they are, without a hidden agenda?

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50 First Dates with God: Love, Faithfulness and Our Forgetful Nature

Remember “50 First Dates,” where Henry (Adam Sandler) meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore) who suffers from a rare form of amnesia that wipes her memory every night? It’s a funny love story that shows how a devoted heart will go to all lengths, including self-sacrifice, to prove itself.

Henry and Lucy-50 First Dates

As I was watched, I considered my own relationship with God– every day looking for *Him in every thing, hoping for an encounter in word, song, moment with the kids, flash from nature, fill in the blank, when my heart flutters and I catch a glimpse.

But sometimes it’s like *He’s not there.  (yeah, I said it).

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God like Lightning & The Path of Least Resistance [Freedom/Love Colliding]

Why doesn’t Lightning come down straight? It’s ferocious and 5x hotter than the sun, so shouldn’t it just charge down, literally? I never gave lightning much thought untill I heard a Capital Kings track, Forever. One lyric line, “I feel Your Lightning in my veins,” spoke to something deep in my heart and I was inspired to put lightning on my phone wallpaper. As I admired it, I realized how much lightening looks like our veins…

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#GodSingsBieber? Hearing God’s Heart on the Radio

How can music banish a bad mood and transport us to a place where problems, cares, fear, sometimes even pain (and certainly time) don’t exist? For a moment there’s just that beat, or lyric line, or bass, or …plug in your own thing– it’s magic.  I’ll be feeling down but if a song comes on that rocks, something changes–and even babies know the feeling:

Melodies can spark our spirits, balm our hearts, mirror something of our soul, and sometimes floor us. Who needs Ecstasy when some tracks are flat-out orgasmic?

And Music also heals Socially…

Just think: when we rock to the same jam, things like Race, Gender, ‘Status,’ etc., disappear. Love takes shape in a sea of people grooving. Unity, peace, joy, no fear, no shame, No Problem.

Are these Holy Moments?

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When Hate is Acceptable and Love becomes Laughable– Do We Know God? [Biblical Danger Zone]

Remember Claude Frollo? That gypsy (foreigner)-hating, child-manipulating and emotionally-abusing, lust-possessed, uber-religious Judge from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame? That man prayed. A Lot. Remember him pouring out his heart in the dark song “hell fire–desire”? (Yes, not all kids movies are for kids).

How many Frollo’s, to varying degrees, do you know? How many have we caught glimpse of since the US election?

Going to church doesnt make you a christian like being in a garage makes you a car

If this election has done anything for us, it’s certainly put a magnifying glass on the blinding hate that can reside in hearts of those who wear crosses or call themselves Christian.

Maybe that’s why Jesus Himself is getting a new name (Revelation 3:12), and why he was the angriest in a Church, NOT some city square (Matthew 21:12).

Before the US election, I heard many Christian-identifying Americans say: “this is a difficult decision…”

Difficult?  Do we know God?

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