Hey, let’s have some coffee (or tea) and see if we can’t cause trouble… 😉
I’m Jasmine, people-passionate, fairtrade-loving, rainbow/visual/music/wall-breaking collaboration enthusiast. Working on youth empowerment and child protection, particularly from sexual abuse (affects a whopping 1 in 3 children in some way).

I’m also a recovering Pharisee who learned you can be crazy about God and the Bible but totally (TOTALLY) miss *His Heart.
(*I use He and His as simple pronouns for God but totally recognize God’s male and female ‘identity,’ for lack of a better word, as evidenced through the bible and most blatantly in humanity. 2-pt post, “Transgender God” here.)

I don’t always fit in “church” settings (isn’t that a sign of the times, e.g. John 16:2) but recognize also this whole planet is my “church”–somehow by just being me, hard as that can be, I make a difference. And if you ever felt like a misfit, reject, or that you needed to get yourself together or weren’t good enough, check out:
Are you the Black Sheep? God gets you..’, or
The day we realize our identity’, or
‘Pearl & Mother of Pearl, You are God’s Magnum Opus’

I’ve got a husband that mirrors God’s total acceptance, strength, sacrifice and bad-assness. And we’ve got littles that are our heart’s Special Opps. They, like nothing else, are helping reveal Outrageous, Unconditional Love, an unfathomed drive to Protect, and glimpses of anguish and anger when they fight, hurt eachother physically or verbally (Check the #WildKidsWildGod series – 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart for reflections on a Misunderstood God/Parent and our divine identity).

At “Heart in Formation” I try to share from the heart of a matter, exposing hopefully also a misunderstood and thus often misrepresented God. The more we understand the “I Am”, the closer we get to who “We Are,” Divine Offspring destined for Outrageous Love and Freedom.

I hope you get a feel-good feeling here. And maybe even fired up. Let’s meet again.  divine love

The story of @JeromeElam changed my life and I wrote The Ax at the Root–Why I Cut Down my Grapevine–or, why the whole world should end if just one child suffers in response. 

*To anyone who was ever abused in any way, I am your fierce ally.*

~ 1 in 3 kids experience some form of sexual abuse, so it’s not just a problem in Thai brothels or the fate of  runaway teens, but the plight of regular kids in our regular neighborhoods. Data trends show it’s getting worse, e.g. boosted by smart phones…
But don’t lose hope or courage because we can do something! @LittleWarriors offers a free online workshop, “Prevent It – Taking Action to S.T.O.P. Child Sexual abuse” here.  You can also look online to book or request the (free) in-person workshop. This is a “must” for anyone with, or working work with children/youth.

Participants learn about:
-healthy sexual development,
-4 types of sexual abuse,
-how to talk to kids about these things
-concerning signals to watch out for in children, and concerning behaviors to be aware of in adults, -how, where, when to make a report.

Want to learn more? Check the Little Warriors site.  The in-person workshop is also available in Europe!

Finally, please don’t believe it can’t happen in your town or (youth-serving) organisation. ~95% of offenders are known to the children, 95% of the abuse is never reported, and if a child ever discloses it is remarkably true in well over 95% of the cases (it’s a myth that children are lying)


Serious Prayer intervention is needed, not just for the children, but also those involved in committing the abuse (directly or indirectly). Connect with me on Twitter @JasNotes, or via email at jasmine.jasnotes[at]gmail.com if you want to be more involved.

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  1. Dear Jasmine
    I really enjoyed meeting you today. I have just looked your website and all ready find it fantastic. I believe that God makes that different people meet each other for a reason. I believe that this is what happened today. I will send you some pictures. God bless you, your family and your work. Corinne

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