Hi, I’m Jasmine.letyourlightshine_web1 People-passionate, fairtrade-loving, rainbow-spotting rebel. I’m looking for the best in people, I know God does, and am a recovering Pharisee.  I learned the hard way you can be crazy about God and the Bible yet totally miss His* Heart. Ouch. (*I use ‘He’ as a pronoun for God but totally recognize ‘His’ male and female ‘identity,’ for lack of a better word, as evidenced in the bible and most blatantly through humanity. 2-pt post, Transgender God here if you want to contemplate this).

I haven’t always fit in “church” settings, but that’s a sign of the times, right? (e.g. John 16:2). (If you ever felt like a misfit check: “Are you the Black Sheep? God gets you..”, or better yet “The day we realize our identity”).

Entrusted with a true gift for a husband, and together entrusted with four precious children who, like nothing else, help reveal God’s Outrageous Love. (Check the #WildKidsWildGod series – 31 Days Looking into God’s Heart for more on a Misunderstood God and our Divine Identity).

“Heart in Formation” is an outlet for reflections on the heart of a matter, exposing also a Misunderstood and imo an often Misrepresented God. The more we understand the “I Am”, the closer we get to who “We Are,” Divine Offspring destined for Outrageous Love…

I hope you get Inspired and Fired up here!divine love

The story of @JeromeElam exposes the hidden child sexual abuse+exploitation (trafficking) pandemic and it changed my life. I wrote The Ax at the Root–Why I Cut Down my Grapevine–or, why the whole world could/should end if just one child suffers. 

To anyone who was ever abused in any way, I am your fierce ally.

~ 1 in 3 kids experience some form of sexual abuse. It’s not just a problem in a Thai brothels or the fate of  runaway teens. It’s happening to regular kids in our regular neighborhoods. But we can do something! Check the free, 90min online workshop from @LittleWarriors on preventing CSA here. I also facilitate their in-person workshop, also at no cost. 

Want to learn more? Download the accompanying Workbook on signals, kid talking tips, and policy/protocol ideas for your organisation, church, school etc.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming it can’t happen in your town or organisation. ~95% of offenders are known to the kids–family, neighbors, friends of parents, sports coaches, pastors, teachers…

Serious Prayer intervention is needed, not just for the children, but also those involved in committing the abuse (directly or indirectly, e.g. by viewing images or those who transport kids for abuse purely for financial gain).

Connect with me on Twitter
@JasNotes, or via email at jasmine.jasnotes[at]gmail.com if you want to know more or to help create a 24/7 prayer chain!

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  1. Dear Jasmine
    I really enjoyed meeting you today. I have just looked your website and all ready find it fantastic. I believe that God makes that different people meet each other for a reason. I believe that this is what happened today. I will send you some pictures. God bless you, your family and your work. Corinne

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